Dominant. Elegant. Insightful. Feminine. Fierce. Fearless. Playful. Perverted. Charming. Curious. Compassionate.

I balance. I rule. I inhabit my own space, and I can make any place my own.

My personal appointment space is intimate, eclectic, and adaptable – a reflection of its owner. I keep a limited appointment book, because my satisfaction comes from a providing a boutique experience. I am a dominant lady in all aspects of my life.

I understand that you have fantasies, secrets, and confessions; questions you want to ask; desires you want to experience; taboos you want to explore. You may be shy, you may be bold; you may be just starting on your journey, or you may be well traveled.

Come share yourself with me. You will be mine in our time together. I will provide you with space and time where you can be safe in your desires and find expression for them. Safety does not equate to experiences that are boring or without risk. Safety means discretion, negotiation, mutual respect, and the exchange of trust. We will have an ongoing dialogue. Your responsibility is to offer me yourself to me, openly and honestly. I will see you as the unique individual that you are.

Domination takes many forms. There is enjoyment at all levels of play. In both physical and psychological explorations, my touch can range from light to very heavy.

I enjoy the opportunity to use my tools and toys. Do you dream of restraint? Of experiencing sensations at the firm hand of a mistress?

Kinky roleplay? I won’t follow a script, but come into my world and I’ll find creative ways for us to play.

I am fond of fetishists. I enjoy boot, shoe, stocking, sock, and foot worship. Service with a fetish component, such as human objectification and sissy maids, delights me.

Are there textures and textiles that drive you wild, such as leather, latex, lace, fur, velvet, satin? Worship me as I tease and torment you dressed in your desires.

Do you long to experience the sweet agony of chastity? To confess after a relentless interrogation? To know the tantalizing humiliation of forced femme, forced bi, or cuckolding? Perhaps you dare to dream of spending your time with me serving as a slave or pet? I’ll judge if you are worthy of that coveted role.