It is essential that you respect my time and my boundaries, and honor my privacy; in turn, I will do the same for you.

Please arrive on time for our appointment. If you are running a few minutes late, promptly contact me. I understand that a scheduling conflict may come up on short notice, or you may feel under the weather; let me know as soon as possible if you think you may need to cancel our appointment. Cancellation on less than 24 hrs notice may limit my willingness to reschedule with you in the future, depending on what our communications have been like prior to the cancellation.

When I am hosting, it is unacceptable to linger nearby or to enter my property prior to the time we have agreed to meet, or to stay past the time for us to say goodbye.

Please provide the tribute in an unsealed envelope when we meet. In my space, there is a small table in the waiting area where you may leave it.

Follow any instructions I give you prior to our meeting. Always meet me clean and dressed appropriately for public life.

Please tell me about any significant health issues, such as an illness, recent or chronic injuries, or allergies. You will earn my respect by doing so. Also, I will ask you to leave if you arrive with coughs, sniffles or sneezes. We will have much more fun when you are well!

If when we meet, I have reason to believe you may be intoxicated by any substance, the appointment will be cancelled.

If you attempt to engage me in communication regarding anything illegal, I will immediately terminate contact with you.